Ecology, or the study of the way a species relates to and affects its environment and vice versa, is the starting point of my research and the cornerstone of my work. I experiment with composition, narratives, natural and cultural expressions and histories to create mechanisms for reflection on our interconnectedness with all of life. This can take the form of sound and voice works, artist books, spatial interventions and performative experiences, artist residencies, workshops or one-on-one support for individuals and organisations. I enjoy creating gestures or offerings that provide time and space for people to reflect, connect with, (re)create, celebrate, (re)value, harmonise or simply observe our place in the world.


In Our Hands

is a series of images of 24 selected mudras (hand yoga positions) upon vulnerable landscapes. Conceived as a toolkit to help us care for and connect with more ease to our selves, others and nature. Through them I propose to build a bridge between our state of being and that of the planet.

To purchase the box-set of cards or the e-book version (available in English and Spanish) please write me directly: or visit the Berlin-based Zabriskie Bookshop for orders within Europe.

journal and news

Ocaso (Sundown)’s second iteration in Humboldthain Park, Berlin.

“Desviarios” is a collaborative landscape laboratory assembled through the work of 6 artists from the Latin American diaspora and migrant Spanish origin based in Berlin, who offer participatory explorations of Humboldthain Park through different first person travel chronicles in relation/reaction to modern and contemporary scientific expeditions sponsored by European colonial powers in Latin American territory. …