Entre Cielo y Concreto, 2011

These are two rehearsals for a piece created in response to the speed of change and alleged development in cities. A systematic distancing from nature, I wonder if there will be space left for humanity.
We make the city and the city, in turn, makes us. We each live in our own version of the city based on our memories, experiences, patterns and hopes for the future.  But we are creators of and active agents in these contexts. We can dialogue with it, challenge its rules of movement or behavior or usage.

texts taken from Italo Calvino, Invisible Cities, and my own writings. The piece was shown, 2011 in Festival Ulls in Barcelona, Spain (www.ulls.org/2011), Plataforma Festival 2011 in Ufer Studios, Berlin, and as part of the Investigación Colectiva 2012 in Panama City.

you are a city
an ecosystem
full with infrastructures,
neighborhoods of interest, love, relations
buildings and services
windows to the great outdoors
organized activities – with undergrounds and mainstreams
laws and ethics and social constructs
indeed, structures and self-organizing  miracles
inside, there are also rest stops
gardens kept and unkempt
ginormous living rooms where you can dance
and play to your hearts’ desire
where nobody can see what is really your bliss…

find those fields
abandoned corners
empty and waiting to be filled with 
those quiet streets of yours
those balconies full of whims
those paper planes you never flew
and the kite that had your favorite colors
has grown so much now, it can pull you 
rolling, speeding down that massive runway

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