As I integrate my practices towards the single goal of connecting people to themselves, others and nature, I have been organizing my experiences and work to share on this platform. In this process, I find that music is a common line that has been present as I was developing my ideas for Estudio Nuboso and as I was restoring my relationship with art as a transformative force in society.

I started writing songs nine years ago and am currently collecting all these songs with the intention of sharing them at some point. So let me start more or less at the beginning: During my time in dOCUMENTA(13) in 2012, I made friends with a beautiful band – The Black Monks of Mississippi, who collaborate with Theaster Gates and played often in their temporary home, the Hugenottenhaus in Kassel. I showed them my song Bajo Grande one afternoon, and was invited to sing it with them in a small concert. It was the grounding, loving energy of Khari Lemuel what made the moment of sharing this song with an audience of strangers for the first time so very clear. Enjoy the video and find my song almost at the very end (at 20:20)