Estudio Nuboso is a nomadic platform for exchange between art, ecology, culture and society.

We aim to reconnect people with nature by generating and sharing knowledge that promotes resilience and sustainability for individuals, communities and the environment. To do so we design a range of formats for knowledge exchange and multidisciplinary encounters in different ecosystems – from residencies and short workshops to publications and audiovisual projects.

As the founder and Creative Director of this organization that was legally established in 2012. I have designed and facilitated the following formats, as well as produced corresponding publications for each one of our projects. As a collective, aside from these formats, we also offer retreats, consultancies and collaboration on special projects such as Jungle Calling – a transmedia documentary that seeks to articulate the value of biodiversity, and restoration of tropical ecosystems in Panama.

First day of the Art and Science LAB in 2015 with Estudio Nuboso.

SUELO articulates the natural and cultural value of a selected location by revealing all of its layers (as with a soil profile) of history, present and potential futures through an experiential knowledge exchange between local community members and guests from different fields of study. The program aims to increase awareness and connection to soil/land/territory through an intensive experiential exchange through the many avenues/disciplines/practices that relate to and address the ground we stand on.*

The Art and Science LAB is a month-long residency for three pairs of art-science collaborators sharing research with the communities most affected by it, followed by an exhibition, publication and public program. The LAB took place in 2015 in the highlands of Panama, and in 2017 in Panama City. The project was funded by the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation and co-funders from the Netherlands (in 2015) and Panama (in 2017).

Also funded by the National Secretariat of Science, Technology and Innovation, the Flash LAB is a two day workshop inspired by our experiences facilitating the Art and Science LAB. It is designed to share skills for effective interdisciplinary exchange, to generate prototypes and promote solidary networks between people from different disciplines. The intention is to accelerate societal change through collaboration across sectors.

Archipel Stations Community Radio is a nomadic web radio station founded in Berlin, Germany, which broadcasts live from venues, events and ecosystems around the world. We are a open platform with a focus on sound and narration. Thematic focuses are emancipation, the encounter between the personal and the political, and the experience of self and otherness through shared art experiences.

Based on this platform my project Living Ecology Library was developed: a performative reading and listening experience with selected fragments of ecological texts by different authors and thinkers. I usually combine it with experiments in sound of my own creation or in collaboration with musicians.