“Desviarios” is a collaborative landscape laboratory assembled through the work of 6 artists from the Latin American diaspora and migrant Spanish origin based in Berlin, who offer participatory explorations of Humboldthain Park through different first person travel chronicles in relation/reaction to modern and contemporary scientific expeditions sponsored by European colonial powers in Latin American territory.

Curated by Paz Ponce, with fellow artists Pilar Millán (Spain), Manuela García Aldana (Colombia), Julia Mensch (Argentina), Marco Montiel Soto (Venezuela/Colombia), Marcela Moraga (Chile). We created walks and experiences of Humboldthain Park and shared them with visitors over two Saturdays. Please visit https://neuehaeute.org/collaborative-labs for more details.

Finally, having the chance to install Ocaso (Sundown) in a new context, I found two generous contributors for the stories which I wanted to be as site specific as possible: Slab Mag editor and Meltwalks creator, Ian Warner and Ecologist Florian Ruland. This time, I also wrote one myself. You can read the stories here.

On both Saturdays, I offered an hour-long live reading of the stories.