Collaborative sound installation, initially created for the XIII Havana Biennial in Cuba with possible iterations in other contexts.

To soothe the mind, relax the cells, stop for a moment the overdose of information; to allow ourselves to receive comfort for the great changes past and yet to come, to grieve the loss of nature or revive our relationship with it. Recreating the bedtime routine of a child, between lullabies and stories about life on the planet, Ocaso (Sundown) is a space for reflection and rest for living beings of all ages.

The work is an installation that combines overflowing sounds of lullabies for humanity, with stories or texts focused on resilience and life’s cycles relevant to the place where the piece is installed. The arrangement of these elements in the space with handmade fishermen hammocks, aims to provoke a situated reflection on the space-time we live in and our position as well as disposition in relation to nature and geologic time.

Ocaso – Cuba (iteration no. 1) for the XIII Bienal de La Habana in Cuba, 2019. Installed in the garden of the Biblioteca Villena. Texts in collaboration with Geologist and writer Manuel Iturralde Vinent.

Sundown in Humboltdhain Park, Berlin (iteration no. 2) Live reading on August 24th, 2021

Ocaso in Humboldthain, Berlin (iteration no.2) was part of the collaborative landscape laboratory Desviarios (detours) organized by Paz Ponce in August and September, 2021. For the stories, I collaborated with Slab Mag editor and Meltwalks creator, Ian Warner and Ecologist Florian Ruland. You can read the stories here.

Ocaso – Panamá (iteration no. 3) was part of the collective exhibition Vaciar la Categoría in the MAC Contemporary Art Museum of Panama (February 2 to May 7th, 2023), and is now part of the museum’s collection. In this case, the stories are by Kity Peña and Cebaldo Inawinapi, who share indigenous perspectives on life (Wounaan Wounaan and Guna respectively). One story is by scientist Aaron O´Dea and one by is written by the artist in response to conversations with the following scientists: Brígida De Gracia, Oris Rodríguez, Félix Rodríguez, Steve Paton and Anthony Coates, who all work for the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Find the stories here.

Ocaso – iteración no. 4 – Museo Interactivo Mirador. La Granja, Santiago, Chile. This was a commission by Fundación Mar Adentro for the discursive event Poligonal, held in the Fall of 2023. The stories were edited and adapted from texts by: Adriana Hoffmann, Enrique Rivera, director Museo Interactivo Mirador, Carolina Saavedra H., encargada de Programa Cultura Natural del Museo Interactivo Mirador, Óscar Roberto Liendo Palma, Agroanalysis by Universidad Católica for the Fundación Tiempos Nuevos, and a commissioned text by architect and writer Francisco Díaz.