There are some of the artworks that have resulted from my process of designing and facilitating the SUELO Methodology and Field Guide – a toolkit or roadmap to help individuals, communities or groups and institutions to (re)connect with the natural and cultural value of the places they inhabit.

Suelo, here and now / aquí y ahora (2023) sound piece, duration approx. 4 minutes. A guided visualization that contemplates the importance, quality and characteristics of the ground on which we stand and the overall ecosystem that makes up a place. The words were written in 2020, while the sound design that goes along with it (field recordings of environments and compost at work) were made into its current form for the 2023 collective exhibition “Mesoamérica, tierra de huellas” in the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo in San José, Costa Rica – curated by Illimani de Los Andes and Luis Fernando Quirós.

Suelo, aquí y ahora, 2023
Suelo, here and now, 2023