A music album dedicated to the cloud forest in Panama

Forces is a compilation of nine songs written and collected between 2012 and 2022. The album addresses the forces that rule our lives; our connection to nature and also the obstacles that seem to get in the way of us having more harmonious relationships with each other and our environment. The songs speak to decisive moments: when a calling received a response, when a wave was caught, when an image was captured. Forces was recorded at home in Berlin, with field recordings gathered in Panama and Europe.

Conceived as an artwork, Forces comes with analog photographs that were taken in the same 10-year period. I’ve produced a handbound, signed, limited edition book of 100 copies with the images and lyrics that you can purchase directly from me by writing to connect@elaspalding.com, just get in touch!

Co–produced with Estudio Nuboso (www.estudionuboso.org) part of the proceeds go towards the care of a very special piece of cloud forest in Panama – El Jilguero Reserve.

Music and lyrics by Ela Spalding
On Goldmines: cello, arrangement and mix by Barnaby Tree. And the band version with Manuel Ferrer, Benito Bermúdez and David Caparó, recorded live by Diego Pittí.
Digital mix by Michael Hughes
Mix and master for tape by Rachel Taylor

Digital release December 21, 2022

Analog release on tape June 24th, 2023 – find it on Rehberge Records.