Una Calle de Árboles, un Corredor de Vida is a children’s book written for and about the mission of the reforestation and community organization Pro Eco Azuero in Panama. Illustrated by Loes Roos.
Interconnectedness and Ways of Being Human, is a text I wrote for a talk I gave in the Werkleitz Festival in 2021. It is pretty much where my thoughts and work is focusing in this time and space. In it, I loosely weave together excerpts from texts by authors who have influenced my work over the years, with personal reflections and bits of my artwork and facilitation through my art and ecology platform, Estudio Nuboso.
Suelo as Meeting Point is a text about my vision of the Suelo Methodology, commissioned for the publication of the exhibition Expanded Nature by Fundación Mar Adentro in Chile.
SUELO case study for the Anthropocene Curriculum program The Shape of a Practice, which took place in Berlin in 2020.
A chapter in which I interviewed Claire Pentecost and Alejandro Meitin for Field to Palette, Dialogues on Soil and Art in the Anthropocene.
Lo Exótico en el Trópico – an article for the Colección Patricia Phelps de Cisneros online journal


Interview with Brandon LaBelle for the Planetary Listening project, Swamps and Stars, 2023

Entrevista con Luis Pulido Ritter para La Estrella de Panamá sobre “Ocaso” en Berlín, 2021

Panamá: Ecos del cimarronaje en el arte contemporáneo por Luisa Fuentes Guaza, 2020

Entrevista con Luisa Fuentes Guaza para Futuridades Maternales, 2019

Arte y ecosistema. Entrevista con Revista Gimnasia, Guatemala, 2015